The purpose of this program is to help the user analyze his market transactions on eve-online.  It helps the user by providing various views on the data to optimize his sales and manufacturing business. The tool can also work in offline mode without being connected to the server. Multiple characters can be administrated.

It uses the eve-api to extract all the necesarry data. Once data is collected from the central server it is stored locally on the computer so even data older than the time window that is provided by eve can be analyzed once it is downloaded.   


  • Automatically extracts character information from the account.
  • Can administrate all characters used in the game.
  • The analysis time can be set over different time frames.
  • Will provide several views on the data in upcoming future.
  • Automatically checks for Web-Updates.


This screen-shot shows the main page with the wallet view that shows all sales like the view in the game. Except for the fact that the user can here be changed dynamically and that the data range for filtering is applied.

This screenshot is taken from the top customer view which is an aid to find out who bought singificiant quantities of what.

This is a screenshot of the time distribution viewer that tells you which sales have been occured when.

This is a screenshot of the view with the best selling items.

This is the view for thr trade efficiency

this is a view for the selling speed of different items.

The following image shows the relation between the top ten markets and the top ten selling items.
Markets and Items


The functionality of that program is divided into three main parts:
  • All regarding logon and status.
  • Selection of character and time frame.
  • The inidivdual views.

Logon and Status
The status to the eve-server is always shown on the top bar. If no connection could be obtained for whatever reason, the program tries to use cached data instead. In order to use the program the first time the Full Access API key is required. When clicking on the button "Log on information" for the insertion of the data a dialog box appears where userId and APIKey can be entered. There is also a link hardcoded to the web-site where those can be obtained. The refresh button in the lower right corner gets an update from eve-online for the data if available.

Selection of Character and Time Frame
On the right hand side all available characters for the indicated account are displayed. You can select your character here you want to use for analysis. All analysis methods use a start and an end time date. The start and the end is shown below the calender. Click somewhere onto the calender to change the date. Which date is changed depends on which date is selected on the radio buttons. Changing the time frames will automatically adjust the individual views.

The main part of the program are the individual views that are displayed in the left main area with the tab buttons. Depending on which view is selected different perspectives of the data are shown. The perspectives implemented in the following are:

Wallet View
Transaction view in antochronological order
Top Customers
This view shows you your top customers of the selected time frame with information on what they bought.
Time Distribution
This view shows when in the week or at which time the sales occured.
Best Selling View
This view shows the best selling items in general.
Best Markets
This shows on which market is sold most.
Trade Efficiency
Shows which items are the most profiytable in dealing.
Selling Speed
Shows which items sell in which period of time.

Closing Remarks

If you find any bugs in that program please report them over the provided bug tracker mechanisms.

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